Notre Dame Thanksgiving Message

Brandon Tabor Video

Notre Dame Video Production by Brandon Tabor

The University of Notre Dame is very thankful to the very generous and dedicated alumni, parents, and friends of the University. To say thank you in a big way, I shot and edited this video that tells the story of thousands of Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff signing a 119-foot wall that reads, “Thank You for the Gift of Notre Dame.” … Read More

B Present Studio Promotional Video

Brandon Tabor Video

B Present Video Production by Brandon Tabor

B Present Studio is one of the fastest-growing barre and fitness studios in the country. Chatter about their intense barre classes online has attracted many “barre addicts,” but they needed a way to draw in new clients who weren’t so sure if they would succeed in their classes. I produced a quirky web video for B Present that educates potential clients and shows … Read More